Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not What I Expected (Part Seven)

Below is part seven (and final part) of my newsletter that I sent out recently. If you would be interested in getting my newsletter and prayer requests you can subscribe here.

My health has been pretty good which I thank God for. I rarely get sick or have problems with my body that limit what I can do except for the problem I have with my knees which resulted from years of being on my knees while teaching gymnastics and now growing older. For those of you who do not know back in 1999 I came close to death due to severe hyperthyroidism and it took years to recover from the effects of it.

What health related issues I have had have been related to the amount of hours I work which at times has resulted in me living off my adrenaline and not eating right or getting exercise. In July I decided to lose weight and start exercising. Since I left Brasov in December 2006 I had not done any fitness or sports related activity to speak of and I had put on 14 pounds. But since July I have lost 15 KG/33 lbs with a goal of 16.5 KG/36 lbs by the end of the year. I exercised using dumbbells consistently the first three months but since have not done much as I have been extremely busy spending 12 to 14 hours at work most days. I am trying now to get back into a habit of working out.

Recently I sent out some prayer requests in an email and I shared about my support needs but not everyone who gets my newsletter gets the prayer requests. But that is going to change; from now on I will use this newsletter email system I have to also send out my prayer requests so people can unsubscribe if they want. I will do it to both lists for a few times to give people a chance to subscribe to the email system if they want to continue to receive my prayer requests. Here is what I wrote:

“On a personal note I would really appreciate prayer concerning my support which has been very low for some time. When I came to Bucuresti in February 2007, after being in the States f! or two m onths, my support did not increase as much as it needed in order to live in Bucuresti. So I did not get an apartment right away but rather lived at the ministry building for a year (for four months of that I watched someone's apartment while they were in the States). Living at the ministry building wasn't the best situation but it let me save up a lot of money. After being here a year God dropped a great apartment in my lap at a good rental price for Bucuresti though it was almost as much as my total monthly living expenses in Brasov. About two months after moving in I sensed the Lord telling me to be very careful with my money cause my support was going to dry up. I shared this at our monthly pastors meeting and one of the guys said he sensed that as well for me in his spirit. So with that confirmation I have been very careful and sure enough most months my support has been only one-third to half of what I need. I think God was preparing me ahead of time for the impact the financial crisis was going to have on my support. He is so good! So if any of you are looking for a missionary to support I have a great opportunity for you.”

I hope this seven-part newsletter, while long, has given you an idea of what has been going on with me and my ministry since I moved to Bucuresti in February of 2007. I am so thankful for the privilege God has given me to serve Him in this place. I have my struggles and weaknesses and I realized that I don’t deserve to be His servant but His grace to me is more than sufficient. Praise be to him forever and ever!

Before sharing a few prayer requests with you I have some questions for you. Do you treasure Jesus and the gospel above all else? Do you have a passion for Jesus and the gospel? Are you growing in your understanding of the gospel? Does you life flow from the gospel? Do you desire to see your family, friends and others come to know Jesus and the gospel? If not, I encourage you to pray to God that He would change your heart an! d life s o that these things are true of you. It is my prayer for you. Become a Gospel-Driven person and encourage your church to be a Gospel-Driven church. Jesus is coming soon! Focus on what's important.

Here is a music video I put together for last Christmas. It is in English with Romanian subtitles:
It’s About the Cross
. I shared this at the Christmas program we did for David’s seventh grade class yesterday (Thursday). I put some photos from it on my blog. Remember that is where you will find videos and videos of what I am doing and stuff on the gospel. You can subscribe to be notified when I post something new on my blog in the right sidebar.

Prayer Requests:
  1. Wisdom and grace to use my time efficiently and effectively as God wills.
  2. For strength, energy, vision, creativity, resources, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to serve the Lord well and bring glory to Him.
  3. For my support to be adequate to live in Bucuresti.
  4. For God to open a door for me to minister to university students, I have been praying for this since this June.
  5. For our church here in Bucuresti to become what Jesus desires it to be and to be a light and a source of blessing to the city.
Craciun fericit (Merry Christmas).

Grace be with you all,


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