Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Love Meal at My Place

This past Sunday, December 7th, we had our monthly "love meal" at my apartment. I really enjoyed having everyone there. It reminded me of the Bible studies I use to do at my apartment in Brasov.

One of the other benefits of having it at my place was it motivated me to get things fixed in the apartment and to clean it really good. Being that I am single and work most days around 12 hours makes it hard to do much else. Doing anything in Romania takes much more time than you would expect and here in Bucuresti it is even worse. So I had to take some time from work to get everything done and have the apartment ready. But it was well worth it.

Starting in January we will stop doing our Wednesday night Bible studies and instead we will begin a home fellowship at my apartment. I hope the change in setting will help foster more community and fellowship. Time will tell.

I still need to work out a contract for renting the apartment with the owner and if the Lord provides I hope to fix up the living room with more large plants, colorful paintings, window coverings, a big throw rug and whatever else will help make it an oasis in this crazy city. I have wanted to do this when I first moved in but I didn't have the money. I would appreciate your prayers for these things.

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