Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not What I Expected (Part Five)

Below is part one of my newsletter that I sent out recently. If you would be interested in getting my newsletter and prayer requests you can subscribe here.

Howdy Y’all,

Here is part five of my newsletter:

My main regular responsibilities regarding our church here in Bucuresti is to help pastor the church and assist Florin in any way I can. On Sundays I open our time in worship, video the sermons, do the announcements at the end and after to edit, render and upload the video of the sermons to the internet. On Wednesdays I lead the Bible study which in January will be changed to a home fellowship at my apartment. God really blessed me with a great apartment for doing this. There is a tram that stops in front of my building, the apartment is on the ground floor which is usually used for businesses so there is no problem having people over and the living room is really big and it has marble floors. From the moment I got the place I knew I would want to use it for ministry. I look forward to seeing it used to bless people.

There are also many projects and things that come up in addition to these things. In October we did an outreach concert focused on teens and university students. We hope to do two per school year if the Lord provides the money to do them. Tomorrow, December 18th, we will go to Florin’s son David’s seventh grade class to do a Christmas program. Florin has asked me to come and share something focused on the gospel. Next week on Monday through Wednesday we will do Christmas caroling at the main hospital, at some of the metro (subway) platforms, in the neighborhood of our church and in the village of one of our sister churches.

In addition to these things I oversee our monthly pastor meetings for all Romania where we get together for a time of prayer, discuss plans for our workshops, conferences and other activities and having much needed fellowship. I also put together media related materials for the pastors and their churches.

A big chunk of my time also goes to developing media for the gospel and Bible teaching. The two main forms of media are video and websites. In addition to videoing our sermons on Sunday whenever we have workshops, conferences, retreats, or other special events I try to video them and put them online. There is not much good Jesus focused, grace oriented Bible teaching here in Romania so I want to provide a way for people to get access to it.

I have three websites, two Romanian and one English, which I have and/or am developing that have a gospel focus. The English site,
, is a site that is still in the planning stage and will have as its focus bringing together in one place all the best blog posts, articles and websites related to Jesus and the gospel and to be a place to learn what the gospel is and how it applies to life. There is a lot more I want to do with the site but this is what I will start with. If any of you have a passion for the gospel and would be interested in being involved with this project please email me. For now please pray for this project, it is way beyond me but I don’t care. I am going to give it my best shot and see what happens. I am praying that God will provide the finances, the people and resources needed to make this dream become a reality and I also hope that it will also be a way of supplementing my support over time.

You can find links to my online videos and photos on the right sidebar of my blog. (see link to my blog below) I can’t figure out how to get a link to all my videos on Google Video so here is a link to one of them. Look in the upper right corner for access to the rest of my videos under the tab “more from user”.

The two Romanian sites are
(about Jesus) and
. The
site will be similar to
site but starting more with a focus on explaining the gospel and how to live it. It will also have videos that explain the gospel, music videos to promote the gospel and testimonies. I started the
site to promote our outreach events and to make it available to promote all gospel related events in Romania but since doing our concert in October the Lord has open our eyes to use the site to encourage young believers to live the gospel, to be a light to the friends and to use our outreach events to bring their lost friends and colleagues. Both sites are up and running but
is only partially done. I hope to get the home page up soon.

I had hoped to share about how the gospel has become a major focus in my life but this is already too long. Next time in part six I will.

The grace of our Lord be with you all,




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