Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Basic Definition of the Gospel

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis (from their book Total Church)
God made humanity to know him and to rule over his good creation. But humanity rejected God, and ever since we have lived in rebellion against him and in conflict with each other. But God chose Abraham and his family to be the beginning of a new humanity. He rescued this people from slavery and made a covenant through which they could relate to him and display his glory to the world. When they persistently rejected God, he promised a remnant who would continue the promise of a people who know God. He promised a new covenant bringing forgiveness for sin and his Law written on their hearts. Ultimately Jesus was that faithful remnant. He died for his people to redeem God’s new humanity. And he rose as the first among many who would enjoy new life in a new creation. God is now gathering his people through the mission of the church and will present them, drawn from all nations, as the perfected bride of his Son.

Definition found on the blog post 2 Ways to Explain the Gospel on The Fool's Gold by Johnathan Bowers.

You can see an updated list of all the basic definitions I have posted so far here on Google Docs.

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