Monday, November 27, 2006

New Calvary Chapel Romania Website

With the help of Doug Case we are developing a new website for all the Calvary Chapel ministries here in Romania. It is in the alpha stage so there is not much there yet.

There are some very nice photos and links on the left side column to pdf's of the magazine "Renew Romania" which my church in Boise publishes. In the January 2006 edition there is an article about me and another one on Andreea Oprea, who has been impacted by my ministry in Brasov. So check them out sometime.

Calvary Chapel Romania Website

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Video - Christian Malpractice

Here is a video from "Way of the Master" Ministry that looks at what is the best way to love those who are going to hell.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Future Watch - Wireless, 3D Video and More

Here are some links to articles about new wireless standards and products, genes making electricity, flexible solar cells, 3D video and a prediction about the next stage in the web.

Wireless USB poised to cut the cable

A new gene that can make electricity?

Flexy solar cells: Concert T-shirts in disguise

Wireless HD specification due in 2007

Cheoptics360: the future of 3D video is here- check out the video

The Firefox Kid- the next big thing - the merging of desktop with the web

First Snow

Last night we had our first snow of the year. Not much came down just a light dusting but it sure feels like winter today. Thank God we've got heat on October 15. Now instead of my apartment being too cold it is too hot a lot of the time. I can't control the temperature so I tend to wear shorts in the house. While it would be great if I could control the heat I will take what we have to not having heat.

Brasov tends to be the coldest city here in Romania as it is located near the mountains. The best ski areas in Romania are located nearby so a lot of people are looking forward to being able to go ski.

Poiana Brasov is considered the best ski area in the country. You can check it out at or