Friday, December 15, 2006

Enjoying My Time in Boise

I have really been enjoying my time so far in Boise. Everyone at the church has been so helpful and gracious to me. I have been keeping very busy so far. Last Saturday was the only day I didn't share or attend some function. But that evening I did go up to Garden Valley to share the next day.

The day after I got here (Tuesday) I shared with the missions prayer group and this past Sunday I went up to the Calvary Chapel in Garden Valley and had the whole service to share about Romania, my ministry and some things I have learned on the mission field.

On Monday I shared at a home group in Nampa and on Wednesday I went over to Mountain Home to the "Open Door Fellowship" in the evening and had a potluck and shared about Romania and my ministry there. The pastor is a very good friend of mine and the church has been a faithful supporter over my years in Romania. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to a monthly meeting of the Calvary Pastors from this area and shared a bit about Romania. Last night I shared with the senior high youth group here at Calvary Boise. It was fun and I was surprised when one of the boys asked me "How can we help you?".

Tomorrow night (Saturday) I will get together with some of those who were in the college group I did years ago when I was in the Cole intern program. I am really looking forward to seeing them again.

Since being back I have run into a young lady in the college age group who use to be in my class when I taught gymnastics at Wings. She was in the fourth grade back then but now is all grown up. I also ran into a young man, Jared, who was in my junior high boys Bible study when he was in 7th and 8th grade. He is married to a young lady from the Czech Republic and has two kids. They are planning on going to the Czech Republic as missionaries next summer. I was so filled with joy when I saw him and found out about his life.

This week I also went to the dentist and had some serious deep teeth cleaning done. It took two visits to get it done. I need to have a few fillings replaced and will have it done after I get back from my trip to Montana and California. Next Monday I will go and have an eye exam. I would really love to get the surgery done so I wouldn't need glasses but we shall see.

Thanks for all your prayers. I have been blessed so much since I arrived back from Romania.

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