Saturday, October 07, 2006

Top Three Things People Are Searching For

According to John Stott the top three things people are searching for are transcendence, significance, and community which are exactly what the church was created for.

Check out Dr. Larry Taylor's article The Top Three Searches

Here are a few quotes:

"Transcendence is the longing for something bigger than self, something pure, intelligent, beautiful, glorious. As believers, we know that that something is God...The church is designed by God to meet that hunger for transcendence by connecting people to God in worship. Real worship is contact with the One who is “wholly other,” infinitely beautiful, awesomely intelligent. We cannot ever fully understand God, but we can authentically worship Him."

"Significance is the longing to have importance, meaning in life, love, and labor. Without significance, life is meaningless, hopeless, disjointed, and drifting; but with it, life is worth living, has vitality, purpose, and focus. God likewise designed the church to meet the hunger for significance by teaching His Word."

"Community is the longing to love and be loved; to find someone or some people, who will accept me just as I am, love me in spite of all my idiosyncrasies and faults, spend time with me, enjoy my company, and allow me to love them in my own imperfect, faltering way. When the church is operating as God intends, it produces genuine community."

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