Thursday, October 12, 2006

Got My Plane Ticket

I had a good trip to Bucharest. Got my plane ticket (actually an e-ticket) ok late Tuesday afternoon but at the travel agency they couldn't reserve a seat for me so Wednesday morning I went to the KLM office and reserved an aisle seat.

I wanted to get a seat near an emergency exit as they have more leg space but the nice lady at the KLM office told me I have to wait until I go to the airport for departure.

After I got back to Brasov with my e-ticket number I was able to check the plane I will be flying on from Amsterdam to Seattle and if I wanted I could have changed my seat but I had as good a one as was possible for me. All the seats in the front rows were taken and the ones near emergency exits are give first priority to those in their frequent flyer program.

I will try and get a seat with good leg space since I will be flying a long time but realize that may not be possible.
Before departure I wonder if is it possible to negotiate to upgrade for less than what they usually charge if there are available seats going unused. Does anyone know?

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