Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Brrrr... It's Cold Inside

Here in Romania a lot of us, especially those that live in blocks (apartment buildings), have what is called "central hot water". That means that the water is heated somewhere else in or out of town then piped to apartments, ecetera.

Until I came to Romania in 1997 I had never seen such a system. In a lot of places the hot water system is broken down or in need of repairs. This summer in Brasov we went without hot water for over a month as they made a major repair to the system. It sound worse than it is. Over time you get use to it and adjust. For me I have a large pot which I fill up with water and heat up on my gas stove.

Slowly people are converting to having their own heating system in their places as there are limits as to when you have hot water in your place. But it is expensive for the average Romanian and sometimes there are other problems that have to be overcome.

Those of us with "central hot water" have two different hot water pipes in our homes. One for hot water in the kitchen and bathroom and one to heat the apartment. The one to heat the apartment is turned off from about April to the middle of October so when it gets cold outside it is also a bit cold inside.

I could heat my place with an electrical heater but on my budget that is not an option so I wear more clothes and put more blankets on the bed. It is not a big deal, like I said before you adjust and life goes on but I'm looking forward to the heat coming on.

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