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Gospel Ministry Update - May 2010 Newsletter (part 2)

Yesterday I shared that I have started a business in order to get a visa but it is my hope and prayer that God is purposely moving me to publish really good books on the gospel as well as other media related things here in Romania. I am really excited about the possibilities of how God could use my business to be a blessing to many here in Romania. Who knows, maybe it will even make some profit and supplement my support and provide jobs for people. Time will tell.

I know it won’t be easy and I have a lot to learn when it comes to doing this type of business but I want to step out in faith and see what God does. My plan is to try and get the rights to a really good children’s Bible that is gospel oriented and have it translated and published here. Then, Lord willing, after there is enough profit from that book to do other excellent books that really explain the gospel and deal with legalism which is a problem here.

Once I get the rights to publish the book here I will begin to raise the money to translate, edit, print, market and distribute 3,000 copies of the book which I estimate will cost around €10,000 to €15,000 which is $13,000 to $19,000 given the current exchange rate. My plan is to have those interested in being involved with this to give me unsecured loans that I will pay back in two years. I am hoping to get as many Romanians as possible to be involved with this. So far I have two Romanians which have committed to helping me with this first book. If you interested in being involved with this and would like to know more then please contact me.

So next week I will send an email to the publisher of the book in the States to ask for the rights to publish it here in
Romania. So please pray for me as I write and send the email and for favor with the publisher in the States when they receive the email.  While I am waiting for a response I need to find a good accountant for the business so I would appreciate prayer for that as well. I would love to find someone here in Bucharest who speaks English, has experience with the publishing business and is a man or woman of godly character.

If you would be interested in keeping up to date with how my business is doing I will be putting regular updates on my Facebook profile as things happen. Below you will find the link to my profile on Facebook if you are not already one of my friends on Facebook.

Gospel Workshop
The past few months I have been spending time reading, studying and reflecting on the gospel in response to what I felt the Lord was saying to me about getting the gospel deeper into my heart. The word that comes more and more to me when I think of the gospel is “beautiful”. For truly it is the most beautiful message ever spoken. May the Lord give me grace to do justice to His gospel in my workshop and may many people be encouraged to really take a hold of the gospel so the gospel can really take a hold of them.

At this point I have one church I am going to do the gospel workshop at while I am in the States and I am open to doing it as many times as possible. So if there are any other churches who would like me to come and do the workshop they should contact me soon while I am working on my plans for my trip to the States.

Gospel Website – (about Jesus)
Things have been going pretty slow as far as the development of the website. I had hoped by now to have the blog up and running but it is not yet. God is still using the site though as there are almost 1,000 pageviews per month with the most popular articles being ones that deal with why one should believe in God, why one should believe the Bible is the Word of God, and why does God allow suffering.

Please pray for those working on the site and translating articles to be faithful in what they are doing. Also pray for more people who have a heart for the gospel to help translate articles and blog posts into Romanian and for people gifted with web related skills to help with the development of the site over time. I think one of the reasons things are going so slowly with the site is that there is spiritual resistance so please be praying for this as well.

That’s all for now, in part three of my newsletter I will share about our church here in
BucharestUntil then.

May the grace of the Lord be yours in abundance,


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