Monday, November 24, 2008

Videoing Sunday Sermons

Florin started preaching in Romanian only with no translation yesterday. Over the past month or so most of the foreigners, other than the missionaries serving in the church, have either moved back to where they are from or are going somewhere else. While we are sad for losing people we are close to, it does provide the opportunity to focus the church on Romanians. It has been my prayer for this to happen so I praise God for bringing this about in His timing.

Because of the change I decided to start videoing the sermons on Sundays. There will be times occasionally I will preach in English with Florin translating into Romanian but for the most part from now on it will be only in Romanian. I won't be posting them here on my blog except when I preach so if you want to see them they will be embedded on the home page of church or on my account on Vimeo which has a RSS feed if you want to be notified when I post new videos.

Some of you may noticed a humming sound in the audio. Next week I will do things a bit different and see if that will take of the problem. If I had the time I would have edited out the audio but it's not that bad and I'm pretty busy.

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