Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back from Bulgaria

When to Ruse, Bulgaria today to finish taking care of the visa problem I've had for about 16 months. We left early, six in the morning, so that we wouldn't have to deal with long lines of cars. You have to pay a $10 tax to use the bridge that goes over the Danube and when we paid it two guys asked us for a ride so we took them with us. They both spoke English, though one guy (Tudor) much better than the other, which gave me an opportunity to share my testimony and the gospel. Before we dropped them off I gave them one of our cards "Five Things God Wants You to Know" which has the despreisus (about Jesus) website address on it. Tudor said he would check it out so please pray for him.

The whole process since last week to take care of my problem was a lot easier than I expected though it did cost money and time. I thank the Lord for the favor and understanding I had with the people we dealt with at the immigration office and the police station. Even at the border the guard only wanted to know why I had this problem cause he had never seen an American need an interdiction paper before. Once Florin explained the situation he was cool with it.

With this, stage one is taken care of and so now on to stage two which is to get a one year visa. I have 90 days to get it taken care of. After that is done stage three will be trying to get a five year visa. I look forward to when that becomes a reality!

Thanks for your prayers regarding my visa problem, please continue to pray that I will get the one-year and also the five-year visa.

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