Saturday, September 08, 2007

Off to a Good Start

We finished the first week of classes here at the School of Ministry and I think we got off to a good start. If you want to see the photos I took you can click here. I thank God that everything went so well.

Before classes start Tuesday through Friday we begin each day with morning devotions for a half hour. It includes worship, reading scripture & sharing about those verses and then a time of prayer. This first week Florin and I took turns leading the devotions but starting next week the students will begin to take turns leading the devotionals as well.

Another aspect of the school is that all the full-time students have to be involved in ministry either here in Bucuresti or some other Calvary Chapel in Romania. To prepare for ministry we meet late morning Fridays to talk and pray about what everybody is doing for ministry over the weekend. Then on Mondays we get together in the evening to go over what happened during the weekend, sharing struggles & problems and to pray for one another. I hope these times before and after the weekend will become a time of support and encouragement for the students as they serve the Lord.

In addition, all the full-time students who are serving in Bucuresti are required to be involved in doing street evangelism on Friday evenings. Four of us from the School of Ministry (SOM) went out last night, along with two guys from our church. We met at the ministry building at 6:00pm to worship, talk about what we are going to do and pray. Then we went to a nearby park in pairs and had a great time sharing for a little over an hour. When it was over and we got back together, to share what happened and to pray, everyone was excited about the opportunities God had given them.
Next time we will stay out at least two hours!

Please continue to pray for us. Especially for the students as school is a big adjustment for them.

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