Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finally Some Cool Weather

After having a brutally hot summer here in Bucuresti it is great to finally have some cool weather 60F/15C. I hope we don't see anymore of those extreme temperatures. During July and August we had temperatures in the 100F/40C range most of the time. In fact, at times the temperature got up to 108F/42C in the shade and 122F/50C in the open. Dozens of older people died here from the extreme heat.

I've lived in Boise which gets pretty hot in the summer but the difference here in Bucuresti is the humidity. I really had a hard time dealing with it and it was so bad that it started to affect my health. I couldn't sleep and at times I had severe problems with my skin itching all over my body as well. I finally started sleeping in my office at the ministry building cause it has air conditioning. When I get my own apartment having air conditioning is going to be a must.

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