Saturday, September 08, 2007

Media Ministry Update

As some of you know I have a heart to develop media to proclaim and explain the gospel. Here are three things I've done:
  1. I put Romanian subtitles on a music video that shows clips of young people sinning and mixes in clips from "The Passion of Christ." I thought the video was powerful so I subtitled and uploaded it to two Romanian video sites and so far it has been views over 4,000 times. By early next year at the latest, I hope to make some original videos with a focus on the gospel. For now I am praying seeking a vision of what exactly to do.
  2. Five years ago I connected Alfa Omega, a Christian media ministry here in Romania, with Mars Hill Productions in the States to make a Romanian version of their video The Hope which I consider to be the best video gospel presentation available today. Finally this summer the project was finished and now is available in Romanian. I hope to raise some money to buy it in bulk and give out to churches, ministries and individuals.
  3. I've had a desire to develop a website to proclaim & explain the gospel and teach the Word of God for about four years. I wasn't sure of what the site exactly would include but this July I finally received a vision for a website that would focus on Jesus and the gospel. I spent a lot of time thinking about it these past few months and have developed a mock-up of the site. While I have the vision for the site I don't have the technical skills to implement the vision. What I would like to do next is find someone who has the needed knowledge and skills to show me specifically what would need to done to get the website up and running and then to find one or several people who could do the code work, programming and design development to make the site a reality.
Prayer Requests
  • For God to use "The Hope" video here in Romania to reach many people
  • To raise funds to purchase DVD's of the video
  • For God to provide someone to help me in the next stage of developing the website and for all the resources and people needed to make the site a reality.
  • For a vision of what exactly to do to make gospel videos that would reach people

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