Sunday, February 11, 2007

Being Introduced

Today Shane Herman (the pastor) introduced me to the fellowship here in Bucharest while Adi Caciula translated. After the introduction I shared briefly my history since becoming a Christian with a focus on how I ended up in Romania, the cities and ministries I have been involved in and how I ended up in Bucharest.

After sharing all that I talked about dealing with fear and the call of God. This was something I shared while in the States when opportunities opened up for me to teach.

This coming week I will start to get familiar with the city by checking out the subway system and begin work in ernest with Shane on developing the School of Ministry curriculum and student handbook. I also will spend time working on my new website layout and trying to get the system working for doing my newletters and adding all the new people who signed up for it while I was in the States.

I would like to start looking for an apartment but until I can find out how much regular monthly support I have it is hard to budget for an apartment which makes it hard to go out looking for something. I'd appreciate your prayers for all these things.

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