Monday, December 31, 2012

Five Ways Jesus Revealed Grace | Paul Ellis

Paul Ellis, whose blog is Escape to Reality, wrote a post last February titled Five Ways Jesus Revealed Grace in which he shared some of the ways Jesus showed us what grace is through His words and actions. Here is a summary of those five ways. To see what said about these five things go check out his blog.

How did Jesus reveal grace?
  1. By showing up!  
  2. By proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord
  3. By telling stories about grace
  4. By showing (and preaching!) unconditional forgiveness
  5. By preaching faith over flesh
Here are two quotes from his post as well. One from the beginning and one from the end:
Have you ever noticed that Jesus never said the word “grace”? Doesn’t this strike you as odd? After all, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Jesus is supposed to be Grace personified. So why didn’t He talk about it? The word “grace” appears just four times in the four gospels and not once does Jesus say it. In contrast, the word “law” appears hundreds of times, often in connection with Jesus’ preaching. Paul dedicated his life to preaching the gospel of grace, but Jesus was the greatest  law preacher of all time.

To know His love is to know His grace. They are inseparable. God is gracious because He is love. Why did Jesus come? Jesus came to reveal the grace of a good God who loves us like a Father. He came to bring us good news of great joy that is for all people.
Jesus = Grace

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