Friday, October 26, 2012

The Great Debate Imagined - Craig vs Dawkins

Why does Richard Dawkins refuse to debate William Lane Craig? Watch the video and you will see why. Craig is considered by many to be the best Christian debater in the world and I would have to agree from all the debates that I have watched. I have read quotes by other atheists who are embarrassed by Dawkins refusal to debate him. Since Dawkins won't debate him Craig used Clint Eastwood's "The Empty Chair" motif to answer Dawkins well-known refutations of his cosmological, moral, teleological, and ontological arguments for God's existence. (42:46)

If you prefer to watch the debate broken up by the subjects covered here are the links:
  1. Eastwooding Richard Dawkins' Cosmological Argument Objections
  2. Eastwooding Richard Dawkins' Ontological Argument Objections
  3. Eastwooding Richard Dawkins' Teleological Argument Objections
  4. Eastwooding Richard Dawkins' Moral Argument Objections

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