Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jesus Storybook Bible Project Update

Those of you who have read previous newsletters of mine know that I had to start a business here in Romania in order to continue living here and in my latest newsletter I shared that I was trying to get the rights from Zondervan to translate and publish The Jesus Storybook Bible here in Romania for my business Evangel Media

I received a reply back from my inquiry informing me that Zondervan has licensed all language rights to Lion Hudson Publishers of the UK. So today I emailed them and await their reply.

This would really be a great book to have here in Romania so please keep this project in your prayers. Thanks.


Rebekah said...

Have you been successful with translating the book? You're right, this would be a wonderful book to have in Romanian! Please let me know how far you've gotten with this project. God bless!

William Anderson said...

It is on hold until I can get more financially stable. Even then I may not be able to go forward with the project as the publishing company in England that has the rights to it publishes it in the Far East and the cost they charge before transport is pretty high. I know books that are bigger than the Jesus Storybook that were printed here in Europe for less. Then I would have to deal with importing the books and would have to see what expenses would be involved with doing that. But for now prayer is the main thing.

Jessie said...

My family will be moving to Romania as missionaries in 4 weeks. I would be interested in a Romanian translation of the JSB if you are granted the rights to translate it. Keep us informed! Thanks!

William Anderson said...

I sure will even if it is someone else you ends up doing it. Where are you moving to in Romania?