Wednesday, January 06, 2010

No Resolutions But a Prayer

During our New Year's Eve party at the ministry building we watched a really good video of Tim Keller (with Romanian subtitles) titled "Leading People to the Prodigal God. We will watch it again at our home fellowship tonight, as it fits in well with what I taught on Sunday, Looking Back - Looking Forwards.

I shared that one of the biggest challenges in the church today is that many people want the things of God but they are not much interested in God Himself. Do you ever find that a struggle in your own life? I know I do.

So for me this year instead of having any resolutions I have a prayer that I am going to be praying every day. "Father, increase my love for Jesus." It is a prayer that I would encourage you to pray as well. I can think of nothing else more critical or important to living the Christian life than falling more in love with Jesus.

Here are links to download two articles on Jesus that could be used in conjunction with the prayer mentioned above as they will focus your mind on Him. If you do use these things please allow time for meditation and prayer as well so that the truths you read can work their way down into your heart.

Chronological Account of the Gospels PDF Letter Sized

Chronological Account of the Gospels doc A4 Sized

The Story of Jesus PDF Letter Sized

The Story of Jesus RTF A4 Sized

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