Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gospel Workshop Slides

Gospel Basics Workshop
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Here are the slides that I used with the Gospel Workshop on Saturday and for church on Sunday where we went over "Living the Gospel". Romanian version will be coming soon.


Monday Morning said...

Awesome! The Lord used you for an awesome job, William. Its a long presentation but I am glad I took the time to watch it all. Wonderful job. I pray it continues and it bears the fruit of victorious, changed, sinless and true Christ-like lives.

William Anderson said...

Thanks Cristina for your kind words and prayers. The slides went with over four hours of teaching. I had more material than I could cover on Saturday so I did the rest on Sunday during our church service. I really enjoyed doing the workshop and will do it at least once more next month in Bistrita. Maybe the Lord will open a door for me to do it in other places as well.
God bless, William