Monday, September 08, 2008

Gospel Quote - The Gospel is the Center of Everything

Jonathan at The Gospel Life
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be at the center of everything, because it is the center of everything. All truth revolves around the Gospel, all truth stems from the Gospel, and all truth points back to the Gospel. The cross of Jesus Christ is to be central in all theology, thought, emotions, philosophy, relations, conversation, understanding, all of life. The believer should, in a sense, look at life through a Gospel lens. His senses should be Gospel fueled: everything he sees, hears, tastes, touches, and smells is guided and motivated by the Gospel. His thoughts, reason, intellect, arguments, ideas, philosophy, and mind should be centered on the Gospel. His emotions, feelings, affections, desires, goals, passions, and heart should be centered on the Gospel. It is to be the core of his being, what defines him, what gives him life, breath, and joy. It is his focus and b-line directly to where he is headed at all times. It is his destination, his previous place, and his present rest. He is to be cross-eyed at all times. The Gospel is his only stability and solidity in life; he should cling to it in desperation. God is the Gospel. So the Gospel must be at the center of everything because it is the center for everything.

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