Monday, September 22, 2008

First 3D Movie in Romania

Today Florin, his son David and I, along with Sorin, a friend of Florin's from Severin, who took the photo, went to see the very first 3D movie ever in Romania, Journey to the Center of the Earth. The cinema at the Plaza Mall here in Bucuresti is the only cinema in Romania with a 3D projector. We went at the cheapest possible time as the ticket prices vary according to the day of the week and time of day and if it is the first two weeks of showing. The price for a ticket for me was 23 RON which is about $9. With the price of movies nowadays I don't go often so it is a special treat when I go.

When I first came to Romania in late 1997 the cost of a ticket was less than a dollar in the coal mining town I lived in. The sound was terrible, there was no heat in the building so we had to dress warm and people smoked in the cinema. Times have changed! One nice thing in addition to the price back then was you could bring in your own drinks and snacks. Not sure what the policy is today but the cost of drinks, popcorn and snacks at the cinema is probably close to what it is in America. I was real thirsty when we got to the cinema today so I bought a half liter diet Coke for 6 RON, almost $2.50! First time I ever bought something at the cinema here and probably the last.

We really enjoyed the movie, it was a great to be able to experience the 3D technology. I don't think it ever flinched as much at a movie as I did this one. Even though you know it's not real it is hard not to react when something seems to be coming directly at you. The subtitles in Romanian really stood out as 3D which added to the sense of depth to the movie itself.

I look forward to seeing other movies in the future that take advantage of this 3D technology. I wonder what they could have done with a movie like the "Passion of the Christ" with this technology?

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