Friday, June 22, 2007

Prayer Request - School of Ministry

The planning and preparation for the School of Ministry continues as school will begin the first full week of September. So far we have developed the classes and the schedule for the four semesters of the two year program, finished all the forms related to the application process, and have written out a vision, purpose and mission statement which includes a list of the classes that you can view here.

We are still working on the course descriptions and the student handbook. After these are done each teacher will begin working on their syllabi and curriculum for the fall semester. The teachers for the fall semester are Adi Caciula, Florin Enescu, Shane Herman and myself. At this point it looks like we will have between 5 and 10 students the first semester.

Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for wisdom, direction and resources for everything related to the School of Ministry
  • For those teaching the classes and for me as I oversee the administration of the school
  • For the students coming the first semester, that God would call those He desires to be equipped through the School of Ministry
  • For the financial provision for each student so they will be able to come to school full-time
Class List for First Semester

OT310 Genesis
NT353 Luke
NT407 Galatians & Ephesians
OT300 Through the Word Part 1
OT301 Old Testament Survey Part 1
TH101 Lectures in Ministry & Theology
TH417 Inductive Bible Study/Hermeneutics
CL101 Morning Chapel
CL105 Community Worship
CL351 Growing in Christ (The Gospel In-depth)
CM199 Practical Christian Ministry

Total credits: 20.5

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