Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Word Became Flesh

Here is a poem by Sam Storms about the incarnation that I came across. Take a few minutes to ponder what it says.

     The Word became flesh!
     God became human!
     the invisible became visible!
     the untouchable became touchable!
     eternal life experienced temporal death!
     the transcendent one descended and drew near!
     the unlimited became limited!
     the infinite became finite!
     the immutable became mutable!
     the unbreakable became fragile!
     spirit became matter!
     eternity entered time!
     the independent became dependent!
     the almighty became weak!
     the loved became the hated!
     the exalted was humbled!
     glory was subjected to shame!
     fame turned into obscurity!
     from inexpressible joy to tears of unimaginable grief!
     from a throne to a cross!
     from ruler to being ruled!
     from power to weakness!

There is more in the blog post which this poem came from. Christmas Paradox: The Word Became Flesh

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