Monday, February 04, 2013

Pastoring Related Posts - February 4

Here are the best ten pastoring related blog posts I came across this past week. If you are serving others or discipling someone you may find some good "food for thought" as well.
  1. Where Is Your Identity? (4:13) - Paul Tripp
  2. Every Member a Disciple Maker (54:10) - David Platt (need to register)
  3. Leader or Pastor? - Keith Giles
  4. Raising Up New Leaders - Eric Davis
  5. 3 Reasons Why Some Churches Don't Grow - Aaron Armstrong
  6. 5 Reasons Some Leaders Finish Poorly - Ed Stetzer
  7. We've Confused Leadership with Discipleship - Larry Osborne
  8. Cultivating a Passion for Evangelism in Your Church - Mike Riccardi
  9. 5 Things to Consider about Your Calling - Casey Cease
  10. 5 Things to Learn from International Church Planting - Ed Stetzer
Pastoring Quote - Barry Parker
Pastoral ministry involves three basic priorities as well: knowing God, knowing self and knowing ministry, in that order. All of ministry is about focusing on these three basics and working them out in the context of ministry.
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