Monday, January 14, 2013

Pastoring Related Posts - January 14

Here are some more blog posts related to pastoring that I have come across recently. If you are serving others or discipling someone you may find some good "food for thought" as well.
  1. 16 Thing I Look For In a Preacher - Mark Driscoll
  2. The Best Way to Welcome People to Church - Steve Kryger
  3. Why Spurgeon Thought the Plain Preaching of the Gospel Was Sufficient to Grow a Church - Justin Taylor
  4. Top Leadership Coaching Videos of 2012 - Mark Driscoll
  5. My Top 12 Quotes from Tim Keller’s “Center Church” - Eric McKiddie
  6. Avoiding Mistakes in Ministry - John Johnson
  7. From the Shepherd's Nook - John Frye

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