Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life of Jesus Bible Reading Plan for 2011

I put together a chronological Bible reading of the gospels for 2011. So far I have the first quarter of the year done. I will post the next quarter a few weeks before May. 

This Bible reading plan is set up for reading Monday through Friday and using the weekends to catch-up on days you missed and to read through the last week’s readings at one time to review it. You are encouraged to keep a journal and write out what you learn about Jesus, what you learn about following Jesus and what God is teaching you through the gospel accounts of Jesus. 

If there are readings that you don’t understand please take the time to study them until you do understand them. Some study tools you could use include Study Bible notes, commentaries, concordances, word study tools and looking on the internet. Also check with friends and pastors who are knowledgeable of the Bible. Be discerning and don’t just accept what anyone says.

   Life of Jesus - Chronological Bible Reading Plan 2011 - Quarter 1 Letter 
   (for USA)

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