Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why is the Gospel Important?

Here are the notes from my teaching on Sunday, September 26 at Lifegate Bible, a home church hosted by dear friends of mine in Bozeman. I adapted the teaching from the first session of my gospel workshop so that it included questions throughout and also added some material from the second session as well at the beginning so we would start by looking at some basics on what the gospel is. 

     Why is the gospel important? - Bozeman

Here is a link to an excellent article I read today that looks at why we should become fluent with the gospel.

     Gospel Fluency


Steve Blake said...

Hi William,

Again thank you for an edifying sermon last evening. I came away appreciating the profound working and nature of the Gospel, and learning through your sermon that was simple and easy to follow.

I approached you with the question of Jesus being God, a topic I have let slide in being able to defend my position. Everywhere I turn I find some who say Jesus is not God, and those who say He is. My congregation here at CCB seems to side on Him being God. In prayer and study I want to again address this and be able to defend my faith.

Part of my faith position has been that there exists questions about God that are unanswerable in this life, answers to which are not deal-breakers in salvation. In this position I lean to Jesus being eternal, the LORD's Son, part of the triune nature... but then I still ask myself, who do I pray to... God or Jesus or does it really matter?

This I approached you for yourc intellectual honesty and your view of theological Truth... hoping you could point me to one or two external commentaries in support of Jesus being God.

Steve Blake
Boise, Idaho USA

William Anderson said...

I was good to meet you last night Steve. May the Holy Spirit guide you in your pursuit of truth.

Before I give you links to resources on Jesus being God let me give you links to four good apologetic websites. I would encourage you to add them to your bookmarks for future reference.

Now for some links on Jesus being God:

I hope these will be helpful to you.



Steve Blake said...

Thank you William... I'm looking into these sites!

William Anderson said...

Hey Steve,

I came across a new blog series titled "Was Jesus Divine?" by a pastor/author I like. The link to the introduction is