Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Links to Gospel Series Resources

Here are links to the videos, handouts and powerpoints from the 10 week gospel series I did. There is no powerpoint for week 6 as we watched the Hope DVD that week. On the gospel list you will find what handouts were given out each week.

Links to Online Videos

Gospel Video Channel:

To download the videos you would have to become a member then log-in. You can't download the videos from the channel page. What you would do is click on the title in the embedded video on the channel page and that will take you to the video's full page where you will find the button to download on the lower right part of the page. You will have to scroll down the page a bit to see the button.

The Hope online - Româna
(best viewed on Internet Explorer) English

Links to Download Videos

PowerPoint Videos (93.5 MB)

I played three videos with the PowerPoints. Only the first one, Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3-D, is embedded in the first powerpoint slide 29, "Why is the Gospel Important?". I think you should put this video in the same file as the PowerPoint. The other two are not embedded but have a photo slide to indicate when they should be played. "A doua sansa - Jean" is shown in the fifth powerpoint slide 66, "How Do I Share My Testimony?" and "Isus al meu/My Jesus" is shown in the seventh powerpoint slide 67, "Why Don't Christians Live the Gospel?".

Links to Download Handouts and PowerPoints

PowerPoints Româna
(70 MB)

English PowerPoints
(70.6 MB)

Evanghelie Noţite
(1.35 MB)

English Handouts A4
(0.63 MB)

English Handouts Letter
(0.63 MB)

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