Thursday, January 01, 2009

Revelion 2009 - Bringing in the New Year

Here's video of some of the things we did to bring in the new year here in Bucuresti, Romania. I really enjoyed our time together, I think there were about 14 people. We had food, played some intense Uno, just hung out, worshiped, prayed, shared with each other about the past year and what we were looking forward to in the coming year and we went out and watched some fireworks in the neighborhood. I got home a six in the morning so I need to spend some time getting caught up on my beauty sleep:)

During our sharing time I was really blessed when Ioana, one of the older ladies in our church, said she had been praying for five years for a church and finally found it in our's. May God bring more like her in this new year.

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