Friday, August 08, 2008

Please Pray for Our Outreach Concert Nov. 7th

We would really appreciate your prayers for an outreach concert we are planning for Friday, November 7th here in Bucuresti. This is not a concert for Christians but for the lost, especially the youth. We have a Romanian Christian band lined up called "Decean" who we think are a good fit for what we want to do.

Here are some specific things you can pray for this outreach:
  • For wisdom if we should have any other bands (maybe even a band from the States)
  • For finding a place to hold the concert in a good location where lots of university students live if possible
  • For wisdom in how to best promote and publicize the concert
  • For redoing our church's website and developing the gospel website more so we can publicize them at the concert
  • For wisdom on how best to do follow-up- maybe plan a special meeting a day or two later
  • For the finances to pay all the costs involved in doing the concert
Here is a link to a music video version of the song in the video above and here is a link to an English version of the song if you want to know what they are singing.

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