Monday, June 02, 2008

Interesting Links

Here are some links to things I recentlhy found interesting and helpful:

The gospel is all its forms (talks about how to approach the gospel as a pastor)

Christainity Lite -

Holographic video conferencing (the future is here now!)

New movie coming out on Pilgrim's Progress

AM-Deadlink- freeware that checks your bookmarks to see if they are still active

Great quote

"When I pray it, I am confessing to God that if he does not grant me a work of the Holy Spirit in my life, I will never acquire passion for the Son of God. I am confessing to him that my godliness, my discipline, my knowledge of the Word, though all good, are insufficient to produce passion for the Son of God.

I can change my mind, but only the Holy Spirit can change my heart. Divine love can only be divinely imparted."

see whole thing at

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