Thursday, August 09, 2007

Outreach Team in Brasov

The outreach team from Boise and Costa Mesa arrived in Brasov at 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday. This photo is the outreach team and those from the Calvary Chapel in Brasov gathering for a time of worship and prayer on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday the ladies went out to the prison and some of the guys went out to the family center and later that evening those performing in the concerts on Thursday and Friday performed during "Lauda Live"(live praise)at the coffee shop which is an outreach ministry of the Calvary Chapel in Brasov. Today (Thursday) the guys will go out to the prison and some of the ladies will go out to the family center. In addition, a few of the ladies on the team have been able to go in to the children's hospital to help a ministry that is involved there.

I have put an album on my Flickr account of the photos I have taken so far of the outreach. I will continue to add photos this the outreach is done in Brasov. You can see the album here.

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