Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Photos from the Wedding

Luci (lu chee) and Mona were married Sunday. I was blessed to be able to go to their wedding. It was great to be there. You can check out the photos I took here.

As is typical here in Romania first there is a civil ceremony at the mayor's office then there are photos taken. After that everyone heads to the church for the religious ceremony then it is off to the wedding reception which last a lot longer than ones in the States. This one started at 2:30pm and lasted till midnight with lots of food, dancing, etc. In Romania people don't usually give gifts but rather flowers and an envelope with money to help with the expenses of the wedding.

Someone secretly arranged with those running the medieval festival that was going on in town to stop there on the way to the reception. There Luci and Mona went through a quick medieval version of the wedding ceremony in front of a big crowd then knights with swords came and stole Mona. To get her back Luci had to have a sword fight with one of the knights to win her back. It was a pretty cool.

Please continue to pray for them and they begin their lives as husband and wife.

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Anonymous said...

Sunteţi minunaţi! Dumnezeu să vă de-a multă sănătate,fericire,binecuvântări şi înţelepciune pentru a finaliza planurile propuse până la capăt.

Cu mult drag , Attila.