Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Walk by Faith" Part 2 of 2

As I was going about trying to raise support to go on my first summer outreach to Europe in 1997 I really had no idea what to do. I had read about George Mueller, who was an evangelist during the 1800’s, and how he had started orphanages and other organizations without asking for money. What did he do? He prayed and that was it, he never told anyone about the needs of the orphanages. To me that seemed like a great idea but I didn’t sense this was the way for me to go.

So I wrote a letter to friends and others I knew and showed it to my pastor to see what he thought. He said it was ok but suggested I don’t mention how much I need and let God take care of that. Sounded good to me so I did that and by the time I left for the outreach I had exactly the amount needed for the trip. For me that was very encouraging and would be the way I would deal with raising support from then on. Let people know what I was doing and leave the results to God and pray a lot!

When I moved to Romania long-term in October 1997 I went because God had very strongly confirmed that He wanted me to go. The sense that I was suppose to go was so strong that I didn’t wait until I had support lined up. I sent out letters again and let everyone know what I was doing and why and then I left for Romania. I had a plane ticket and $600 in my hand and didn’t know what would happen but because I believed God wanted me to go I trusted that He would provide.

After being in Romania a few weeks I said to myself, “Was I nuts or what!” All of a sudden there were lots of doubts as I had no idea how things were going to work out. But you know what? They did work out. It wasn’t easy at first but over time things got better and better. I saw God provide when I was in special need many times and those experiences really encouraged me.

But since moving to Bucharest in February 2007 my support has never been adequate for living here in the Capitol of Romania. Living in the big city is a lot more expensive than the other places I have lived. I have a nice apartment and by Bucharest standards my rent is very reasonable. When I tell Romanians who visit my place how much I pay they tell I got a great deal. But what I pay for rent here is what I use to live on for everything- rent, utilities, food, etcetera. Of course, the cost of living has gone up a lot as well so if I was back in those other cities I would be paying a lot more than I did before.

I did not look for this apartment; it fell into my lap, so to speak. When I first saw it I realized it would be a great place for a Bible study as it is on the ground floor, has marble tiled floors, a tram stops right outside in front of the apartment building and is located somewhat close to the center of the city. It is used now for ministry on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and one Sunday a month for movie night. In addition, I have a Romanian living with me who graduated from the Bible College in Hungary and had moved back but had no place to live. I love having him and am glad I can help him out this way but so far he hasn’t able to pay for the additional expenses he has caused as some of the utilities are based on how many people live in the apartment. In May he will start a new job so hopefully he will be able to help out a bit though he will only be making around $300 a month.

I have been back to the States twice trying to raise more support to live here in Bucharest. Each time I would have people and churches tell me they are going to support me but most never followed through. Thankfully a few did but it hasn’t been enough yet to meet my monthly expenses.  So I am in real need of raising a lot more monthly support and even some one time financial gifts as I don’t know how I am going to pay rent next month. I pay three months at a time in the middle of the three months and it comes due May 15. Somehow, by faith, I will be able to pay it. This is my hope and prayer as I would hate to have to move out.

So I would appreciate your prayers very much and if any of you are open and able I would ask you to please prayerfully consider supporting me on a monthly basis or at least sending a financial gift  at this time to help me out so I can pay rent next month.

For His glory,


Support Information

By Check
Make checks payable to: Lumina pe Strada

Put ROWA in the memo section and attached a note to the check with my name William Anderson

Mail to:   Lumina pe Strada
              1241 West Olive Ave.
              El Centro, CA  92243

Please include the following information the first time you send support:
  1. Name for tax purposes
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
Giving to Lumina pe Strada (Romanian for "Light on the Street') is tax deductible. At the end of the year you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Walk by Faith" Part 1 of 2

These are the words I have heard in my heart a lot over the past few months. It is a challenging time to be a missionary who is dependent on support due to the economic crisis in the world. I realize I am not the only one experiencing difficulties as several missionaries I know have either gone back home to the States or are really struggling just to pay rent and have enough to live on. This is the world we live in these days and many are hurting and feeling the affects of the economic problems.

While my support had been going down it also did not help that I changed my home church to Calvary Kaleo in Brawley, California after almost thirteen years with Calvary Chapel Boise. It was not something done lightly or easily but I felt God was calling me in a different direction than where CC Boise was going so it was the best thing to do under the circumstances. Pastor Bob of CC Boise was very gracious to continue supporting me for a time which I really appreciate as it helped a lot in the transition.

But now I am fully under Calvary Kaleo and excited about it. The pastor, Shane Herman, had been the pastor here in Bucharest so he knows exactly what the challenges and struggles are here and we are both on the same page as far as the vision for the ministry here. Unfortunately, since Calvary Kaleo is a church plant starting from scratch, they are not in a position yet to support me financially though in every other way they are so good to me.

While I was in the States from late August to mid October last year some things happened that served as a warning to me that I was going to experience some challenges when I got back to Romania that would cause me to consider moving back to the States but that the Lord still had things for me to do in Romania and that I should “walk by faith”.

The reason I recognized this is because it was not the first time the Lord had warned me. When I was planting the church in Braşov I had a dream in which I was back in the States and in the dream I realized I was not ever going to be allowed to go back to Romania. Still in the dream, I was so devastated I just cried and cried. When I woke up I realized that it was the Lord’s way of letting me know that Romania was still my calling and I was glad for this reminder as it was not long after that some challenges came up that made me want to quit and go back to the States. But I heard the words “walk by faith’ in my heart.

This time, while in the States, three good friends and my oldest sister in different ways and for different reasons talked to me about moving back to the States. They did not know each other or have any idea that the others had talked to me about moving back. For me this was very surprising as no one had ever done this before. Right away I wondered what was going on. So I took some time to seek the Lord about this as maybe what happened was the Lord’s way of telling me to move back to the States. I want to be open to what the Lord wants, whatever it is. While praying I still felt that God wasn’t done with me yet in Romania. Again what came to my mind was “walk by faith”.

Before I left to come back to Romania I received some confirmation from Shane as I talked to him about what people had said to me. His response was something like, “William, God’s ways are different. When the Lord tells us something we need to learn to “walk by faith”.

So, believing that the Lord still has things for me to do here I am staying. But what does it mean to “walk by faith” in the circumstances I find myself in today? I will explore that more in my next blog post.