Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why is the Gospel Important?

Here are the notes from my teaching on Sunday, September 26 at Lifegate Bible, a home church hosted by dear friends of mine in Bozeman. I adapted the teaching from the first session of my gospel workshop so that it included questions throughout and also added some material from the second session as well at the beginning so we would start by looking at some basics on what the gospel is. 

     Why is the gospel important? - Bozeman

Here is a link to an excellent article I read today that looks at why we should become fluent with the gospel.

     Gospel Fluency

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking at the Big Picture - PowerPoints and Notes

Here are links to the powerpoints I used when I taught at Calvary Kaleo in Brawley, California on Sunday, September 12, Calvary Chapel Bozeman on Wednesday, September 22, Calvary Chapel Boise on Wednesday, September 29 and Christ Community Fellowship in Walla Walla, Washington on Sunday, October 3 plus the notes I made that include what was on the powerpoints plus some extra stuff I said. The title of my teaching was "Looking at the Big Picture". I updated the powerpoints on Monday, October 4.

     PowerPoints - 4MB


Here is a link to download a 34 page handout I wrote on the gospel. It includes lots of Bible verses.

     The Gospel in Detail

Here is a link to download a 20 page article I wrote that explains the gospel by answering three questions.

     Three Questions About Jesus

Here is a link to videos of a 10 week teaching series I did on the gospel. They are in English with Romanian translation.

     Evanghelia (The Gospel)

If you are on Facebook check out the christlinks page. Here I put the best articles and blog posts that I find on the gospel.