Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Future Watch - A Look at New Gadgets, etc.

Here are some links to articles on advancements in mulitlayer DVD's, a look at the near and long term for Intel processors, Nokia's new amazing "smart" phone coming to Europe in early 2007, and a small gadget to secure your PC laptop.

New Technology Could Nip DVD Format War in the Bud

Intel Pledges 80 Cores in Five Years

Tiny Linux Gadget Protects Windows XP Laptops

Nokia's N95 Smartphone Goes Legit
Apple is suppose to be coming out with a phone at about the same time (If anyone wanted to get one of these for me I wouldn't complain!)

A Look at Consumerism and Fragmentation

This last Sunday I preached at Calvary Chapel Bucharest on finding our main identity in life as disciples of Jesus. During the sermon I read Luke 9:23 - Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me." After reading this verse I shared on two things I think that make it difficult today to really follow Jesus- consumerism and fragmentation. Here are some links to articles I have read recently on these two subjects.

iChurch: All We Like Sheep

What the Church is Doing Right, Part 1

What the Church is Doing Right, Part 2

Take Nothing for the Journey: A Fresh Look at Church Health

From Lord to Label: How Consumerism Undermines Our Faith


The Pathetic Segmented Life

The Answer is Jesus

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Video - A Look Around Brasov

Video - "Declare Your Glory" Worship Song

Video - Calvary Chapel Brasov Church Service

To Start the Day

To start the day I like to read a Psalm. There is a website called The Daily Psalm with a daily devotional written by Mark D. Roberts that I usually read to begin my time with the Lord in the morning. I really like it.

Here is a quote from today's Psalm:

"Notice the point of the undivided heart. It's to "revere" (literally in Hebrew, to fear) God's name. When our hearts are undivided, we bow before God in awestruck reverence and we live our lives for Him and His glory. Worship, both in heart and in action, is our life's goal, "to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever."

Mac News - The Ultimate Mac Apps List

Do you have a Mac? Here is an article of what Mac News Online considers to be the best Mac Apps available.

Future Watch - Roll-Up Laptops

A look at 'morphing materials' a team of engineers at the University of Cambridge have developed which have the ability to retain up to three structures, meaning within five years' time it could be possible to roll-up your laptop screen as easily as a newspaper.,39024673,39162681,00.htm

Monday, September 25, 2006

Shared the Gospel - Please Pray

On my trip home from Bucharest yesterday afternoon on the train I had the opportunity to share the gospel with Cristina, who was sitting near me. She seemed amazed by it and really open. I gave her an outreach CD-ROM and contact info for Shane and myself as she lives in Bucharest. She does marketing for a fashion design firm there. Please pray for her and for her 82 year old grandmother whom she was going to visit since it looks like she is close to death.

Had a Good Time in Bucharest

I had a good time in Bucharest this weekend spending a lot of time with Shane. Went down on Friday and looked into getting a plane ticket to go back to the States for a visit. Reserved a seat on KLM but now need to come up with the $1100 to pay for it (please pray). Saturday I attended one of the classes of the School of Ministry and spent time preparing my sermon and on Sunday preached at Calary Chapel Bucharest and had the opportunity to meet a lot of new brothers and sisters there. They have a nice building that they meet in, wish we had something similar here in Brasov.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free Worship Song Downloads

Here is a link to a site that has many worship songs you can download for free.

Recent Rainfall

Blogging Again

Howdy Everyone,

I've decided to start blogging again and will be experimenting awhile to see if I like Blogger. Let me know what you think.